Monday, January 9, 2012

My Siblings

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Syukur alhamdulillah kerana Allah masih panjangkan umur ini dan masih lagi memberi ruang dan peluang kepada hambe untuk hambe terus mencari bekalan hidup sama ada bekalan dunia ataupun akhirat, alhamdulillah. Cumanya kadang-kadang kita sahaja yang terleka ataupun terlalai sehinggakan terlepas segala peluang yang Allah dah beri kepada kita.

This time post (will be in english), I just want to story a little bit about my siblings especially the one that the first and the second after me (senang citer adik kedua dan ketiga hambe la). Now I miss too much about my third younger sister :-( .

[time ade kat rumah takde la rindu-rindu pulak, hak3]

Currently she is far far away from me in the middle east at 'bumi ambiya', Mesir. She is now futhering her studies in the same field as me, and I pray her success. Although I am her big brother, I think she is better than me and I believe that she is always better than me. Though, I am very happy with that.

Actually, what I want to story is about our relationship as the first three children of our parent. The time distant between me, the second brother and the third one was not long at all. It is only about 2 and 3 years from me respectively. So it means that we all very close since we were very young up until now. However that does not mean we never had any quarrels.

[ingat lagi kalo gaduh dulu2 memang teruk sangat2, haha]

We used to had quarrels, but only in children time. And at that time, if we had quarrel we will quarrel like we were truly enemy for each other and we will end up with not talking to each other for a few days, haha. That would be normal actually for children and I will never forget that memorable time. I still remember that my mother had told me that she thinks we all would end up like a truly enemy when we are big.

[biasa la tu kalau budak kecik bergaduh]

However, that thought were totally wrong thought because at the end we all ended to be very very close to each other. We used to share a lots of our story. And usually, my third sister always will be the person to hear our secret stories, haha (tak tahu la dah berapa banyak secret die simpan). And for me, it is true that most of things or my problems I will share with her compare to my mother and vice versa.

[lepas gaduh pastu baik balik, haha]

I still remember that during her time in school, how she was one of two students that had been given special permission from the school to bring handphone to school (ramai la kawan-kawan yang jeles). So if anytime she had problems either related to studies or individual, she will directly call me and ask for my help and same goes for me.

Now she is far far away from me. But that does not mean we were not in touch. We still keep in touch usually via skype. Luckily I tought her how to used skype before she went fly to oversea. What was makes me very touch was when she spent her times about 2 hours to accompany me doing my assingnment until I finish at about 3.00 am via video skype, haha.

About my second brother, I do not have much to story with him. But still, I like things about him. Although he seldomly spent time at home (susah nak balik rumah walaupun dekat, kalo balik pon tak lekat rumah jugak), but when it comes all of us went home, he will gather all 5 of us together and get an outside dinner. And from the 3 of us, he is the closest to our youngest sister. I dont know why my youngest sister like him very much, hehe.

[mari menghafaz al-quran]

As time passes, at the end he was the first from us to get job. Now he work as a 'guru tasmi' hafazan' at one of the school which is quite near to my hostel. And just now, we had our dinner together at KFC. I suggested him to call me if he want to go out dinner with me again after finish work later on. I think this was the best time for me to spend my time with him as I am still not busy for this period of time. Hopefully our relationship will keep like this until the end.

About the other siblings, they are too young and I only treat them normally as a big bro. But compared to these 2, I treat them as my friends already. But sometimes I had thinking whether I had accomplished my duty or not as their big bro. Pray for me and Insyaallah I will try.


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